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All About Us

Designing spaces and lifestyle

KSD brings together multi-faceted tasks and taskmasters. We are spreading our roots into the field of Architecture / Interiors for homes and offices and Production Design / Art Direction in the film industry. We love Bombay and are based here. 

Komal Solanki is a Bombay-based designer. 
She learned the craft from her mentor Tina Dharamsey, one of the finest in the industry. Worked on various projects like Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Ace of Space, India Wali Maa, Luv Kush, and the list continues.


She's a prolific designer who casts a vision with the spirit of the future and the presence of the past. Breathing life into space and scripts that can excite you, calm you, and make you think.

A creative insight towards building your legacy and dream lifestyle

In her spare time, Komal's pluralism flirts with art history, books, writing, spirituality and is determined to touch every aspect of the physical and virtual landscape around you. 

"Every space has witnessed drama, so keep it dramatic"


Komal Solanki



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